Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And so it begins.

WHO knew!
Who knew that we would meet in Spain at Capernwray Bible school, or that we would would be roommates 2 years in a ROW at Trinity Western University, or that our dream of taking pictures together would actually happen.
We definitely didn't anticipate all this awesomeness being poured our way, but we certainly are lovin' it.
We're starting this little blog up simply to show people our pictures :) We have this brilliant friend named Andrew who, after seeing our inseparable friendship in our first year, dubbed us the nickname 'Christecca'. We joked about the name forever and then realized how SWEET it is.
Summary - We thought to ourselves : Hm. We (Christie and Rebecca) like taking pictures - Alot. So. Let's just call us Christecca and take pictures for people. That makes us happy. AND let's start a blog, because we clearly have SO much free time on our hands ;) and it'll be fun, and we'll show people what art looks like to us.

So! Introducing us : Miss Rebecca Sellers and Miss Christie Wray and we hope you like our pictures.



So: This is us, and our styles blended together.
One awesome thing about our relationship is that when we are together, as you can plainly see, we ALWAYS have fun and many a time leave in pain holding our abs from laughing so hard.