Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HOLLY and the girls.

For a stress reliever last week I (Christie) went with one of the girls in my dorm along with her very beautiful friends for a lovely saunter to capture their friendship. We went to an old apple orchard across the road from our campus.

The girls are so stinkin' cute, it really wasn't hard at all to get some keeper pictures from the whole thing.

So! Here's a dose of beauty comin' your way : )

Gorgeous right?

Band Photo, obvs.

Ah! Favorite. Love this so much.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wedding Bells in Seattle!

Weddings weddings weddings! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

This weekend was a perfect example of a sweet opportunity as we made our way to the ever lovely city of Seattle to photograph a wedding.

The wedding was for Jaffrey and Dan, whom we actually didn't get to know until the day of the wedding. We are close friends with Jaffrey's sister Jodi, who attends Trinity Western University with us and who we originally met at Capernwray in Spain. Jaffrey saw some of our pictures through Jodi and asked us to photograph the wedding, to which we were thrilled to accept!

We traveled to Seattle on Saturday and made it just in time for the rehearsal dinner that afternoon. We were felt so special attending the dinner, seeing as we only knew Jodi's immediate family, but by the end we felt as if we had known these people forever. It was so helpful to hear the stories and emotions behind Dan and Jaffrey's relationship because we instantly saw the impact their love has on other people and the sincerity it holds.

They were so fun to take pictures of! So genuine and real.
As far as the wedding, well we won't go into huge detail about the venue, because that would take hours. But we will say that EVERYTHING about it was beautiful, and the wedding was so encouraging to witness. Dan and Jaffrey are definitely one of the most beautiful couples we have ever been blessed enough to encounter, because their love for each other is so clear through every action, and every glance and everything they share together.

Check out this Venue! It's an old Warehouse and sooo beautiful.

Dan and Jaffrey did a "first look" before the ceremony, so fun.

Yes. They are the cutest couple in the world.

They were just funnest and best looking bridal party imaginable.

Aren't they the most beautiful sisters ever? Yes.

Dan's Father was passing on his wisdom to the younger generations :)

Jaffrey's father owns a catering business and provided all the deliciousness!

The dance was SO beautiful, we were utterly enthralled.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chelsea and Julie

We had been planning to take pictures of our friends - roommates Julie and Chelsea - forEVER. However, living in the lower mainland makes it difficult to work these things in around the rain. But alas! Finally on our day off, Remembrance Day, we were able to make this photoshoot work and the sun didn't let us down. On the contrary, the sun was delicious.

I must say, Twas well worth the wait.

We lived in the same dorm together last year, our first year at Trinity and Chels was our RA =) These two have the coolest relationship ever because it is simply fun fun FUN. They are always laughing and joking and making others laugh and so much fun to be around. Thus, taking these pictures was so great because they were totally themselves and we just followed them around and laughed with them.

Thanks for bein so outrageously cool ladies, and thanks for your patience.
We love you <3

Well Hi!

The lovely Julie

Chelsea and the glow we love so much

Lovin' these colors

Always so Happy :)


Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Miss Tracy Klassen: artist extrordinaire, laughing companion, loyal friend, travel mate, spontaneous yet grounded, with a contagious smile that lights up her whole face. Tracy is a close friend of ours, and we were so excited to hear she was coming for a visit this weekend! Christie took her out around the TWU pond which is a stellar place for photos. Here are some of the highlights...

Hello Autumn, we adore thee.

Definitely a favorite. I mean, come on!


Watch out for her work in the art world - this girl is going places!

We adore you Trace. Much love...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And so it begins.

WHO knew!
Who knew that we would meet in Spain at Capernwray Bible school, or that we would would be roommates 2 years in a ROW at Trinity Western University, or that our dream of taking pictures together would actually happen.
We definitely didn't anticipate all this awesomeness being poured our way, but we certainly are lovin' it.
We're starting this little blog up simply to show people our pictures :) We have this brilliant friend named Andrew who, after seeing our inseparable friendship in our first year, dubbed us the nickname 'Christecca'. We joked about the name forever and then realized how SWEET it is.
Summary - We thought to ourselves : Hm. We (Christie and Rebecca) like taking pictures - Alot. So. Let's just call us Christecca and take pictures for people. That makes us happy. AND let's start a blog, because we clearly have SO much free time on our hands ;) and it'll be fun, and we'll show people what art looks like to us.

So! Introducing us : Miss Rebecca Sellers and Miss Christie Wray and we hope you like our pictures.



So: This is us, and our styles blended together.
One awesome thing about our relationship is that when we are together, as you can plainly see, we ALWAYS have fun and many a time leave in pain holding our abs from laughing so hard.