Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chelsea and Julie

We had been planning to take pictures of our friends - roommates Julie and Chelsea - forEVER. However, living in the lower mainland makes it difficult to work these things in around the rain. But alas! Finally on our day off, Remembrance Day, we were able to make this photoshoot work and the sun didn't let us down. On the contrary, the sun was delicious.

I must say, Twas well worth the wait.

We lived in the same dorm together last year, our first year at Trinity and Chels was our RA =) These two have the coolest relationship ever because it is simply fun fun FUN. They are always laughing and joking and making others laugh and so much fun to be around. Thus, taking these pictures was so great because they were totally themselves and we just followed them around and laughed with them.

Thanks for bein so outrageously cool ladies, and thanks for your patience.
We love you <3

Well Hi!

The lovely Julie

Chelsea and the glow we love so much

Lovin' these colors

Always so Happy :)


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